As this is the beginning of a new semester, it is also an adventure exploring the world of MOOC with our peers.  Just in week 1 it has been an adventure as I submitted my first Tweet, created this blog and joined a google group.  Right now, I am still in overload with all the mediums we are using for this class.  There is not just one site to go to find all the work and discussions.  So the first key to being successful in this class is being organized and knowing how to bookmark the pages you will be using the most. 

Before I can truly comment on being successful in a MOOC, I had to find out exactly what a MOOC is.  " A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course".  (Moocguide, 2013)  One of the most interesting parts of a MOOC is that it is often not a paid class.  I see it as a great way to truly promote collaboration and professional development across the miles.

Key componets of being successful in a MOOC:
1.    Time to actively contribute to the MOOC
2.    Willingness to ask questions and share your knowledge
3.    Not reading everything, a filter mode
4.    Participation

The only way a MOOC will be beneficial to you is to active participate in the course.  As you engage in the course others will benefit from you.  So get out there to tweet, pin, diigo, and discuss.

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Anne Kurland
1/29/2013 07:00:40 am

Hi Bobbi Anne. I agree with your list of characteristics for being successful in a MOOC, especially the time and the filter. I need to work on those characteristics!


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