Oh no, another website to track!  Was my first thought as I got the invite to pearltrees.  I actually deleted the e-mail until I realized it was a class assignment.  I am still trying to figure out the site but I think it has potential. 

Pearltrees is a  new way to bookmark sites and "cultivate your interests".  I struggled to find information about exactly what the site was about.  It is designed to allow people to collobrate and share information.  It seems very similar to pinterst with the communication addition.  This feature is where the collaboration can truly happen.  You can send private messages or have a group chat.  One of the great features of this site is the ability to pick pearls from other pearltrees and add them to your own.  I enjoyed creating my tree for our project, it is easy to create the links.  A feature I liked was the opportunity to add a note.  I could totally see using this site to help students organize their own projects.

Unfortunately, this week my entire group did not connect well so we did not use pearl trees.  We resorted back to Wiggio where we were more comfortable.  I am still a little lost at trying to keep up with all the various sites.  Yet, I have enjoyed exploring all the new tools I am trying to get my mind around ways to incorporate them into my curriculum plans.  It is wonderful to expand beyond the Facebook phase, yet I wonder how long many of these sites will last.  I would have liked to have more interaction with my peers for this week to really see the

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