Don't let your student work get washed away in the rain.  The digital age has given us so many options to preserve student work and capture learning.

With high stakes testing a the pressure to increase proficiency, traditional portfolios have been lost in the rush of covering all the material.  Too often we get to conferences and have lots of data to share with parents and families about "where their student is academically".  Too often this creates added stress and pressure to our students.  Through the use of portfolios we can easily share the data of their students as well as their successes.  How cool would it be to allow a family to hear audio for a child fluently reading a poem with an illustration or piece of art that shows the child's interpretation of that poem.  The technology of today has made portfolios feasible again.

Teachers can track student progress and document student work using Evernote as they walk around the room on a tablet then review it later on their laptops.  This is a quick and easy way to create student portfolios with little class time taken up.  Students can track their own progress in using a digital notebook like Penulitmate on a tablet or Upad.  I am in awe of the features of UPad.  I can just imagine uploading textbooks or novels into Upad and having students take notes as their reading.  Literature Circles could be so rich using this App.  I can see students learning how to study again using this app it makes reading so much more engaging.  Unfortunately, it is only available on an iPad and there is not a laptop version yet. 

Using just a computer, creating a student portfolio page using Yola might be a great alternative.  They can create multiple pages based on subject matter or create a blog to record their monthly writing projects.  Pictures, videos, scanned copies of work can all be added to their Yola site.  The biggest catch to this is that students must be at least 13 years old to have a site.  While this is the rule for many other sites like Facebook and BlogSpot, students always find a way around this rule.  But if you are teaching younger students it is not recommended to head down this path.  I am still looking for a blogging/student website place for upper elementary students to explore.   

This week has been filled with new experiences for me.  My group is using Wiggio to communicate about our team project.  This is another first for me, wiggio might make my mind go wi I have struggled to figure out how to join a group but finally a group added me to their WikiSpace.  While Google Groups was a good initial place to meet classmates.  I have found it difficult to track things there.  I will press on and to continue to connect with my peers using this method even though I am struggling with it  Maybe I need to watch another video on using Google groups effectively. The Twitter Feed is full of ideas to explore and the resources tab has even more sites to check out.  I have posted my favorite collaboration tools I discovered this week at my Pinterest Site on Collaboration.  Teambox is one site I would like to explore further.  I can picture using it for team projects.  The part I really like about this site is as the teacher creates the teams and invites participants they can see the work of each student.  This would help the teachers monitor the progress of the groups as well as see who can use a little extra guidance.

As an AmeriCorps RAVEN member, I am working with another member to build a Trello site for other members across Alaska.  While I am still fumbling through the site, I can see it as a wonderful way to share ideas about multiple topics and support each other.   I like that is is set up like quick notecards and not extensive writing to post documents and share links.  I hope to be a productive contributor to our Trello site.
9/18/2016 12:02:27 pm

Literature Circles could be so rich using this App. I can see students learning how to study again using this app it makes reading so much more engaging. Unfortunately, it is only available on an iPad and there is not a laptop version yet.


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